The 5 most common scams in Australia right now!!!

Calls from people impersonating representatives from well-known government departments and private companies.

Callers advising that the person's computer is infected with a virus and requesting credit card details to fix the problem.

Calls seeking bank details in order to process a bank fee refund or tax refund.

Calls offering to place a number on the Do Not Call Register for a fee.

The phone rings. The caller, who's asking for money, claims to be from the "Childhood Cancer Fantasy Fund." She explains the charity in some detail and offers you a generous gift in exchange for your donation. Perhaps it's a lottery ticket with a large and enticing prize! All you need to do is hand over your credit card details.

Did you know?

89% of people received at least one unsolicited call in a six-month period.

25% of people receive unwanted calls from charities on a weekly basis.

Nearly 5% of Australians receive unwanted calls from charities to a landline on a daily basis or more often.

People whose number is on the Register said they received fewer calls on
average than those not on the Register (seven calls per month compared to ten
calls). By this measure, the DNC Register appears to have reduced
telemarketing call volumes by around 30 per cent.

The value of time wasted on unsolicited telemarketing calls across Australia is
estimated to be $1.58 billion per year!!