Australians have reported more than 28,000 scam attempts and
have paid almost $1 million to scammers since July 1st.

2018 Scam Call Statistics

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40% of Scams in Australia Are Committed Over The Phone

Yep, you read that right. According to Scamwatch, phone calls are the most popular for scammers in Australia. Remember, anyone can be become a victim, scammers target indiscriminately — no matter your age, income level or background. Below we'll take you through a list of the top scams to beware of, number 4 is truly shocking.

top 5 Worst Scams

The Fake Government Tax Demands

The government will never contact taxpayers by phone to obtain unpaid taxes. If someone contacts you claiming to be from an official body (or a bank), tell them you will call them back – but use the number on their website or on official correspondence, such as a tax reminder.

The Missed-Call Scam

Fraudsters call you, but hang up as soon as it starts ringing to trick victims into calling back a number that incurs premium-rate charges, some as high as $15 a call. Never call a number back just because it called you. If a phone call is genuinely important, the caller should leave you a voicemail message.

The Pension Scam

Fraudsters call claiming to be from the Australian Government Department of Human Services. They then claim you’re due a backdated pension payout of $5,000. But to get the money released you would have to pay $200. Even though they might often sound believable, knowing your name & home address, hang up and check with the AGDHS. immediately.

The Stolen Card Scam

You get a call from a supposed police officer saying they have found a stolen bank card that appears to be yours and then asks you to confirm your account details. You are then passed on to another number, your bank’s “anti-fraud team”. Who ask for more information so that eventually the fraudsters have all the details they need to raid your account. Remember, the police never call a suspected crime victim to ask them to confirm their bank details.

Call Blocking Technology

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CPR Call Blocker V5000

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