Nuisance telephone calls have been a fact of life for Australians for decades. The familiar ring from yet another drongo attempting to sell something you don't need nor want echoes through the hallways of Australian homes every day. 

Recognizing this problem the Australian government created the National Do Not Call Register in 2006. The idea was to create a central database for citizens to report unwanted and malicious calls. If enough complaints were collected about a particular company the ACMA would swoop upon the nuisance call pests. That was the plan.

Today nuisance calls are just as prevalent in Australian households as they were back in 2006. If the National Do Not Call Register works then surely this wouldn't be the case? What went wrong?

Problems with the National Do Not Call Register
There are a number of problems with the National Do Not Call Register. These problems are not particular to the Australian system but to all call reporting registries. First they they're too slow to act, if they ever do. A case needs to be built against a telemarketer and many companies simply pack up, change their name and reappear under a different moniker. Second, the ACMA only has power to enforce rulings over companies operating in Australia. It's no secret that the majority of nuisance calls come from outside Oz. What can the National Do Not Call Register do about unscrupulous foreign call centres? Absolutely nothing. 

So with the regulations failing what can Australians do to stop these unwanted calls? Simply, they block them.

Call Blocking Technology
Call blockers have proven themselves to rid nuisance calls from peoples lives. Rather than relying on an inefficient and toothless third-party registry, call blockers put power back into the hands of the consumer. By simply pressing the 'block now' button unwanted callers are banished to a block list, never to call again. The sense of empowerment is incredible and people are taking their lives back through blocking. 

The latest in call blocking technology is now available in Australia. The CPR Call Blocker, with 200 numbers of known international call centres pre-blocked and space for a further 1,000 numbers blasts away nuisance callers. Take back control of your phone and get your CPR Call Blocker today!